Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tiger has come to his forever home

This afternoon Tiger came to his forever home with us. I am sooooo happy! He looks pretty happy too. So far, we have played ball, taken a few romps around the yard, sniffed every inch of the house and yard, peed on the most likely bushes and did a nice poopiedoo in the far corner near the compost bin and right up against the fence. He's such a good boy, my Tiger.

C~ took quite a few pics of him, which I am going to post here just so I can gush some more about how wonderful he is. We don't have stairs, so I'm not really sure how he is with them, must try the front steps tomorrow. At our main house entrance (the garage side), we have a ramp which he seems to love as he gets going at a good clip when he goes up it.

He loves his stuffed plushie toys, especially the baby seal one, and we also have a squeaky rubber toy that he just adores. I have never seen a greyhound BOUNCE before. He just gallops and hops around like a little puppy, it's hilarious! Oh and the other funny thing he does is stare out through the security bars of our front window to the house across the street which has 4 cats roaming around.

Looks like the only thing we need to work on is whining, which he hasn't done much but I don't want him doing every time he sees a cat across the street. He hasn't been counter surfing yet, but he has stuck his nose over the counter so we will put a quick stop to that as well.

Ok, now for the piccies. Enjoy!


IHateToast said...

oh i love those elegantly crossed legs.
we have a water gun (not a high powered kind) and give the fosters a squirt on the body (NOT face) when they do things like whine or bark at the cats. it's irritating enough but not mean.

he's very handsome. will you rename him?

Genilimaa said...

Congratulations on the new family member. He's beautiful!

kitten said...

IHT: dunno if we will rename him. He seems to fit Tiger, but doesn't really answer to it. His race name was Dr. McPharlin lol. Doc could fit him too. I think we will see.

Gen: Thanks! We love him already like he's been here forever . Strange how that happens.

skinnylittleblonde said... beautiful is Tiger...looks right at home immediately!
He actually looks like he is laughing in that pic.
Congrats to you & to Tiger!

Sister Mary Lisa said...

He's beautiful! I like knowing your face too! You look so happy with your new dog, and I don't blame you. What a joy they can be!

T.Wanker commented to you and made a footnote about you on his footnotes! Lucky you! See his reply to your comment over there....

Anyway, congrats on your new baby!