Sunday, February 11, 2007

End of the weekend

I didn't intend for this to be a photo blog lol, nor did I intend for this to be underlined but blogger is being a bit of a shit right now. There is NO underline button for me to click off. *Sigh* Guess I'll just deal with it. Anywho, here's a few pics of Tiger and looks like he's such a happy boy. We have spent the day trying to kill the new squeaky plushies bought today at Crazy Clark's and he's such a hoot. As you can also see, the boxes behind the sofa are taking up much needed living room space, but we are still waiting on bookshelves to be delivered to house them. Yes, those would be two new bookshelves in addition to the 4 we already have in use at the moment. Yes we read a lot, and C~ has 5 years of Law Books to store in case he needs them in the futire for reference. But, more about Tiger...he's loving the combination of BARF that we have him on (Biologically Appropriate Raw Foods) and Nutro. BARF comes in patties and we are trying the 'Roo combo first, Big StripeyBoy loves it, I think it stinks to high heaven lol. Whatever, I'll do anything for him to be happy and healthy.

These pics show Tiger on the sofa trying to devour his plushie toys that squeak. He seems to love anything that a certain pitch (owwwww, my ears!)

Below he is looking at a spot on the floor. Dunno what it is, but he laid there for a good 20 minutes looking at the same spot.

Here is the first "roach" pic we have. He was so full of himself he was rolling over, pawing at the air and tossing toys around.

Here we are...or as Tiger plainly stated, here SHE is squishing ME....stop it!!!!!!

Here is Tiger attempting to prove he's taller than me.

All the toys are gone and he's smiling up a storm.

Back to killing toys and driving me up the wall with the incessant squeak squeak.

Peace at last!

Tiger sleeping.

Ok, make that grinning and playing possum.


Sister Mary Lisa said...

Is that a giant painting on the wall behind your couch? It looks way cool. I'd like to see it closer. I need more art on my walls at home. You'd think since I can draw and paint I'd have tons of it, but sadly this isn't the case.

Tiger is awesome.

eendje said...

Tiger is adorable. =-) Sorry I havent posted a comment earlier. I'm just now catching up on your blog (during my study period lol) since I havent had any time the past few weeks to catch up on anything that wasnt really, really important.

Mooselet said...

What a gorgeous boy! Looks like a charmer.

kitten said...

SML: Actually that is a badly done job of wallpaper, apparently very popular in the 80's here in Oz. It's this pastoral scene of a rocky stream with trees and wildlife that do NOT exist here at all lol. It honestly doesn't look too bad from across the room unless one looks too close or over long at it.

IHateToast said...

cockroaching means he's completely comfortable and relaxed. clearly he's in heaven. don't you love those hind chicken thighs?