Monday, April 06, 2009

Blogroll - Fail!!

I'm working on the blog roll. I know it's lacking from the sidebar. Just gimme a little more time, I promise I'll have it up soon as I can.


C. L. Hanson said...

You're a former Mormon, aren't you? Why not include Outer Blogness? ;^)

kitten said...

Actually, I'm not a former Mormon, though I have quite a number or friends and family that are. The years I spent in New Orleans I met a lot of mishies trying to convert me but I just fed them instead. Those were the sweetest boys ever. My family seems to be split pretty evenly on my dad's side...either Mormon (or ex-Mormom) or Catholic. I was fortunate enough because of the LDS ties to be able to research my family back to the 1400's which is how I came into contact with the missionaries locally. Then I found out from a long lost Aunt her family's story with LDS church - unfortunately an all too common story of wresting oneself away and the turmoil and heartache it caused.

I've always found history and religious history very interesting.