Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Welcome back to my blog roll

Just a quick aside to welcome back my blog rolls. YAY! I finally did it! This morning I've accomplished very little other than taking my car to the air conditioning shop, taking a taxi back home and reading (that's VERY important in my daily life) and WAITING!!! ARGGG! Yes, waiting, waiting, waiting.

I have added new blogs to my list and some old blogs that I still love very much. I've also renamed the categories, which I might change again, but just to make things easy I've separated them into Foodie Blogs and "regular" blogs. I guess that's what I should call them lol. I dunno how to label them right now.

I am still in the re-building stages, trying to make the blog look a little less dated and freshen things up a bit...still not sure about going to a 3rd party xml blog style as I'm afraid of losing my archives. Any suggestions for that? I know zilch about html, so I can only follow directions if they are pretty clear. I would dearly love to have a different style from what is offered by blogger and I have downloaded several, but I just can't bring myself to hit that change button!!! I'm so afraid of losing it all! Help?

PS: I did edit some of this post as it wasn't particularly germaine to the header.

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