Thursday, October 12, 2006

Americans and their preoccupation with food

Have you ever noticed how preoccupied Americans are with food? My MIL brought this subject up this morning after reading an americans blog about his trip to Australia and NZ. She said that all he talked about was how bad the food is here. LMAO! Then I began to think about my own preoccupation with the gustatory delights. Oooh, I can't decide what to talk about first. How about the best meals I remember? Let's see... Letha's BBQ in Columbia, Mississippi - most likely the best BBQ Ribs I have ever placed between my lips. Hot from the smoker out back, a coffee cup filled to the brim with warm BBQ sauce, cutlery rolled up in tea towels. Each plate with a half rack of the smokiest delicacy ever to grace this earth....the pork spare rib, an extra generous serving of tasty green beans, enlivened by bacon with a touch of sugary sweetness, a side salad bowl full of coleslaw (not my favorite - we will get to that later - but still quite nice). Here is a quote from some good old boy down in mississippi, apparently, Letha's is still there and still only $15 per plate (which is what it was back in 1997 when I discovered the place way down in a hole between the Pearl River and the railroad tracks. Miz Letha's husband smoke all the meat out front across the road in a humongous wood about making your mouth water.
"I have to agree with everyone.... Letha's is definately some of the BEST Que you ever did eat... When I used to live inHattiesburg, we used to eat there a 2 - 3 times a month... Just plain good food... and they dont hold back on the portions.... you might pay 15.00 to eat... but you won't leave hungry... and most of the time you'll be takin a TO GO plate with you."

Then there is Houston's in New Orleans: The prime rib will absolutely take your breath away. The salad before the meal gets there (they are known for their homemade champagne vinaigrette dressing) is so big 3 people could have enough for supper. Wonderful mixed lettuces, several cheeses, beautiful and creamy, crispy croutons, slathered in butter and garlic. I think I've died and gone to hell because the nearest Houston's is in the U.S.A. Oh, and let us not forget the ubiquitous and underapreciated baked potato weighed down heavily under butter, sour cream, cheese, crunchy fried bacon, and a smattering of freshly chopped chives. God help me!

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