Friday, October 13, 2006

Nothing to post....

I honestly cannot think of a single thing to post today. It's just been one of those days. I took 2 walks today, slept a couple hours in the middle of the day, and rode with C~ to Uni so he could turn in a paper due this afternoon. I can't wait until He's finished! Next month, wooooohhhhoooo! Then we wait and see if the job offers turn up.

Yesterday, He received an email from the ATO asking if he would be interested in adding Adelaide or Perth to his list of 3 (to make it 4) to be considered for jobs there as well as here in Brisbane, Canberra, or Melbourne. He doesn't particularly want to move...nor do I, but I think it might be fun to move to another part of the country. I honestly won't miss the long, hot, and humid summers here.

So, we are hoping for the ATO means a bit more money than the rest he's applied for (at least in the beginning). Which of course will be nice since we are planning to buy a house at the end of next year, no matter where we are. I guess the worst thing about moving to another part of the country is the expense...and also moving to a bigger city, unless it's Canberra. I like cities ok, but I'm a country girl at heart. I want dogs, cats and alpacas! I want to learn to spin my own fleece. I want to learn how to crochet PROPERLY, and knit too. I want to learn alot of things.

Mostly, I want to have peace and quiet at home. That is my ultimate wish. Living with in-laws doesn't provide that...not even close. I have to admit, that when C~ and I were alone for nearly a month while in-laws were out of town, it was awesome. It was peaceful, we were able to eat supper with lovely classical or ambient music going instead of the television. We were able to just be ourselves....together. This is what lets me know that we are going to make it. We have survived living here with them and still get along (mostly), though at times it gets hard when the atmosphere is tense. The in-laws argue, alot, often, and loudly. I started having panic attacks early in May this year. They have subsided a bit now. I think it was helped tremendously by the long holiday we took in July and the month they were out of town.

I hate having the anxiety attacks. It's difficult to breathe. I'm fortunate that I have learned to hide them a bit...I just seem over-anxious to most people. But that's not healthy for me. I tend to go through periods of stress, then when the stress subsides, the attacks do too. Luckily, my doctor has been able to give me some medicine to get me through the worst of the lot. Thank God for her. She is so kind and caring. I have been able to write something after all. Yay me!

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