Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Suri pics

OMG! I can't believe there are finally pics of baby Suri, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' daughter. No, I do not normally rush out for the latest news/pics, whatever about actors. But I have been intrigued about the secretiveness of these two parents. I admit, she is a beautiful baby. She looks more like Tom, imo. I hope she grows up to be as pretty as her mother and totally unaffected by all the Hollywood angst and media hype.

Anyway I have had a most uneventful day, doing laundry, going for a walk, taking a nap, hehe. When I went for my afternoon walk I encountered an elderly gentleman and his pretty Wiemaraner. I see them several times a week during my walks. The dog is 13 years old and I usually stop to say hello to him and her, give her a pet and remark on how good she looks. Today, however, I noticed an awful swelling on her right shoulder and asked how she was doing. The gentleman told me that she is unwell and will be going to the vet in the morning to be put to sleep. Apparently, she has throat cancer and is in a lot of pain....unrelated to the swelling which is just a fatty cyst common in older dogs.

When he told me that, I nearly lost it. Tears started streaming down my face...so I excused myself and told him that I hoped he and she would have a good evening in each others company. I felt so totally inept at expressing how I felt. So heartbroken for both of them and I didn't know how to handle it. I continued to walk and cry, and I prayed that they would both have a good night, even knowing what has to come tomorrow, but that it will be an end to the girl's suffering. It makes me miss Tasha & Baron so much. After having left them in America it feels that I have lost them...yet I know it will be horrible when they both go, I will feel even more helpless.

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