Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oi! My CRT went dead today :(

Sheesh, what a day I've had. Went to work
( new temp assignment) meant to last from today through Friday, got there and the Senior DA told me that she made a mistake! The person I was soupposed to be replacing wasn't actually on, no workie for me tomorrow and Friday!

Ok, so that's not ALL bad. I do have some things to do that I need a little time for. However, I need the it's not entirely a good thing either.

Well, I had all this stuff planned to write about when I got home. BUT! Yeah...the "B" word. Booted up the trusty (and new and shiny and silver and Oooooh) computer *big grin* .... and the monitor didn't come on...not at all. Tried to boot a few more times, nada, nada, y muy mucho nada. Yep, that's right the big, beautiful 17 inch CRT that C~ bought used (but only 6 months old) went kaflooey. Lucky for me, there are 4 working comps in this house, so I was able to borrow one until tomorrow when we can get another. He is now looking and pricing them to see what's best. Looks like the new one will be a BenQ 19" . Wowee!!!! Saweet!

See, we like to watch movies and such on the computer. I say on the computer, because in the wilds of Queensland, american tv shows are at least a season or two behind. So, we download our faves while awaiting the dvd's to come to our doorstep. Like right now, we can only get House M.D. season 1 and season 2 dvd is on its way ( we pre-ordered like good little people). So, yeah, sometimes we gotta watch it on the computer. Also nice if I don't wanna watch a footy game or whatever else is on...pop the headphones on and I can watch a show, a movie, or YouTube lol.

Well, time to gooooo !!!!! *runs off into the sunset*


medea said...

I love watching tv on my computer too. I am an addict. But I am against House! He's the main competitor for my beloved Veronica Mars so I hope everyone stops watching House and starts on VM!

kitten said...

oh, wish i could...but i don't think we get VM here. haven't seen it advertised on tv yet. But remember, we Down Under are way behind the USA in that arena. which just sucks.