Sunday, October 29, 2006

I have done something terribly responsible O.o

OMG! I can't believe that I've actually done it. I have decided to take on the role of owner & moderator of the yahoo group that I belonged to. It was shut down because of many reasons. One of which being that the former owner just couldn't take it anymore. She was attacked for a few reasons, and unjustly so, in my opinion. I think she felt overwhelmed and didn't feel like subjecting herself to any more abuse from disgruntled members.

I loved that group! It really helped me to adjust after moving here. There were many wonderful people, but a few (namely one) that was finally banned, but by the time that happened, things had just disintegrated beyond belief. I think the heartache was too much.

SO, I decided to re-open it. WOw, after 2 days, it's been quite a bit of work! I just hope I can do as good a job as the former owner did. She was definitely an inspiration.
I will miss her greatly and am very sorry that she has chosen to not take part in the new group. I'm guessing she needs a long break from everything, and I don't blame her a bit.

So, wish me well. It's going to be a difficult time. Hopefully it won't take up too much of my time because I still feel I need to write here as well. Oh boy, my eyes are drooping, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night due to getting a new mattress topper. Ok time for a short nap.

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