Thursday, November 23, 2006

The crazy things people google...

...Oh yes, people do some crazy googling during their days (or nights). I have become addicted to sitemeter...THANKS MONTCHAN! I found that someone found me by googling hairy lebanese women wtf? 0.O

So far, the largest amounts have come from those looking for a Tomato Pie Recipe, an occasional search for merkins, and waxing tips, roflmao! Of course, if you use site meter, you know it doesn't show the exact location of a person, just the nearest city. Mostly I've been checking it to see if any of my family has checked out my site. Once my mom did, but that was only for a few seconds...I think it was because I told her if she read my blog then she wasn't allowed to get upset by anything she read lol...because I do occasionally write about the dysfunctional wasy I grew up so now everyone knows just how fucked up I really am *snicker*

Oh , I decided to post a couple of other cute kitty pics too...just 'cuz I can :)

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skinnylittleblonde said...

LMAO...hairy lebanese women. ive never heard of site meter, but may have to investigate. Happy Thanksgiving to you & all your kittys.