Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I am seriously pissed

I have emailed sitemeter twice. It is still tracking how many people I have visiting my blog, but it will NOT let me log in to my account! DAMNIT, FARK FARK FARKIN HELL! Sheesh this is driving me crazy. Anyone else having this problem? When I try to log in, it just produces the login page once again. ARRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGG!

How about suggestions? I don't have a clue, as I just have the free version. I wanted to see what it would do before I anteed up and paid for a years subscription (C~ would have a shit fit). He hit the roof when I paid $60 for my classmates.com gold card or whatever it costs, because I wanted to get in touch with a few people from high school and couldn't without paying. So, for all that money I got a few email addys and 2 return emails. LMAO, shows how popular I was, huh? Oh yeah, I was the poor hand-me-down wearing geek that thought taking Spanish and French in high school would somehow make me more mysterious, therefore more date eligible. Hrmph, they always seemed to ask out my cousin, who of course later on in life admitted to being a lesbian, which you KNOW just made my day complete. Not only did the boys not want to date me, they would rather be turned down by my lesbian cousin. Will there be no end to my shame?

I mean, it's not as if I'm some farking dog. I am somewhat attractive, but somehow only to insane, perverted old men (not including C~). Perhaps it's because I never knew when to keep my mouth shut. I do have a tendency to point out shortcomings and failures *chuckle*. Imagine THAT on what some guy thinks is a hot date with me *evil grin*

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Yes. Right now 8:34 AM Eastern US time Nov 21, 2006