Monday, November 06, 2006

Surgery Rocks...well, some do

Ok, update on the waxing. No, it did not go well, not well at all. Imagine, if you will, me freshly showered, powdered, exfoliated, all smelly good and stuff. C~ places a towel on the bed so I can get comfy as he hovers, telling me just which way will be best for HIM to commence spreading this sticky, green goo on my underarm. All set. Green goo smeared after a few drippy attempts. Pristine white cotton strip placed firmly and rubbed in the direction of hair growth (sort of, since underarm hair tends to grow a few different least on MY body). C~ hands me the little plastic spatula as he is ready to go.

Pulling my skin tautly, He shuts his eyes ands proceeds to RRRRRRrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiipppppp the cotton strip cleanly off my skin...very little pain, I might add. We look at the strip. No hair in eveidence. We look at my pit. ALL of the hair is still there. OH SHIT! IT's STILL THERE!!!! Ok, once more, we prepare, and try again. We must have done something wrong, not enough goo, didn't leave the strip in place long enough, put a bit more pressure on the strip.

RRRRRIiiiiiiiipppppp! No! Not again! Oh.MY.God. The hair is still there. My underarm is bright red, it burns, %&$*9@# hell that hurt the second time. Ok, deep breaths, I quietly run off to the bathroom and grab a warm wash cloth to get off all the sticky green goo. (Which does smell nice, btw.) Ok...we shall try again tomorrow, I say to C~. He smiled and patted me on the bum indulgently.

Saturday morning. I wash everything and dry it properly, convinced it didn't work because I'd tried it too soon after showering. So, all by myself, in the bathroom....lights ablazing, I went to work. Hrmmmm, how do I do this . I know, eyebrows first, see if that works, then move onto the underarm again. Eyebrows marked, goo slapped on carefully, cotton strip placed (I have waxed my own eyebrows before, so I know the procedure), rip went SOME of the hair. Ok, try again. To make a long story shorter, my eyebrows are uneven, it STILL didn't work on my underarm, so I've had to wear talcum powder all weekend instead of anti-perspirant. I managed to rip a few (note I did say few) hairs off my leg.

In other words, Nads does not work. Not for me anyway. Oh and I did leave the best part for last. I tried a very small patch (at the very edge) of my bikini line. I now have this monster purple bruise. Suffice it to say, this is one job I'm leaving to the professionals. I am going to book in pretty soon to have the whole shebang done at Brazilian Beauty. They have a great package for $115 AUD. I can't believe, something at a salon that's cheaper here than in the USA. I'm totally amazed.

Now that you have laughed yourself silly at my expense, just remember....I may write about YOU someday so don't laugh too hard ROFLMAO!

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