Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Blog

I have been wanting to play around with WordPress a bit, so when I couldn't sleep last night, I made myself a cute little start-up blog over there. I don't know if I will double post or what, but right now I'm just learning to play with the darn buttons. Blogger is pretty idiot proof, and WordPress ain't! So for now, I've made one measly little post to test things out. They don't have much of a selection of free backgrounds, and at this point I'm not ready to pay for type pad...which may be my ultimate goal, but not just yet...I'm thinking of getting the hubster to start blogging so I can justify the expense. I know that there are free templates to be had but I really do not know how to implement them, though I may try since I saw a couple over at Troll Baby that I liked.

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Slick said...

Soooo, which site do I check now???