Thursday, March 15, 2007

What the Fark is an Asshat?

Ok, I've just recovered from laughing myself silly. I wanted to know what an asshat is. Iv'e heard that name drip from the hubbys lips a few times recently, then a few minutes ago I read it on a blog I frequent. So, I Googled it damnit! That picture above is the second thing that came up, the first was the wiki version. Basically an asshat is a much nicer term than asshole and refers to someone who has their head up their ass. I Like it! Well, now I have a cool term to replace my last favorite, which was fuckwit. I've used it MANY times over the last few years, and still enjoy it every single time. It gives me little shivers to call some asshat a fuckwit. How's that?


Sideon said...

I love both terms :)

The picture is HYSTERICAL.

Mooselet said...

I love the word 'asshat' and use it frequently. Now I have a funny mental image to go with it. Haven't heard 'fuckwit' in ages - my dad used to use it. My dad used a lot of colourful language. :-)