Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Birth Control Method Available

Yes, the NuvaRing is finally here ladies of Australia! YAY! Finally I can go back to not having a period and losing the weight caused by being on The Pill.

It's fairly simple. Insert the Ring every 28 days, remove, put in a new one. After 2-3 months no period! How awesome is that? Little to no weight gain is caused, and no period means no PMS!!! I cannot say enough good things about this stuff. It is so good that I carried a 6 month supply with me, when I moved to Australia, on ice in a small cooler on the plane. Yes, it must be refrigerated until used. I only brought 6 months with me because I was told that it would be available in Australia by last May, which it wasn't :-( . So, I went on The Pill. I just find condoms messy and unreliable not to mention they hurt and those of us that are allergic to things like spermicides or latex, etc find them impossible to use. Sheesh, which reminds me that spermicides aren't even available here in Oz.

It is a small Ring that looks like a little kids clear jelly bracelet and it releases a low constant dose of hormones. By the way, each hyperlink will take you to a different site that will explain different things about it since I haven't found one site that completely explains things.


Mooselet said...

In between the Toddler and Clive I was using Mirena - an IUD that releases progesterone. After two months I had no periods at all - it was awesome! Now even though I've had my tubes tied my OB has said if I find my periods are "too heavy" to come see him again and he'll put another one in.

Too heavy? How long is a piece of string? :-) I'll be seeing him in a few months time.

That ring sounds like a great idea, but I'd be horrible at it as I'd forget to change it when I was supposed to. Like I used to forget to take my Pills on time and would have to double up all the time.

Anonymous said...

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