Saturday, February 17, 2007

New Blogs To read

Here are a few new Blogs that I've been reading:

1) Genji's Corner - He and his wife LOVE greyhounds, they have a complete menagerie at their house and they do an awesome job in Virginia of rescuing and adopting our retired greyhounds.

2) Mitch McDad - Not sure HOW to describe his blog. it's kind of a daddy/husband/guy thing and he's quite hilarious, just check out his post describing his bout with a kidney stone, or the one about his wife and her gf's going out on th town, and of course the resultant discussion about vibrators!

3) Snow Trapped Southern Girl - she calls herself Cheeky and she is just cute as a button. I can defintely relate to being a southern girl out of place. She also writes a bit of poetry that will make your heart sing with gladness! You go girl!

4) What was I thinking - Her name is Margalit, living in Boston aand self described as a Professional writer, opinionated ultra liberal mother of 14 year old twins, living life in the slow lane.

5) To Do: 1. Get Hobby 2. Floss - Just from that she's my kinda woman ( A FLOSSER!!!), her name is Mist1 and she lives in the Dirty South lol. She's just too funny. Like me she is trying hard to preserve her youth and is even contemplating a marijuana vaporizer. Ohhhhh the lengths we will go to!

6) Outback Dobbs - Another American Living Down Under *grin* yes I'm an unashamed plugger for other American (expat) bloggers. Dobbs is super cool and he has TONS of pics, I'm guessing he's some gorgeous hottie that loves to take pics while he's out & about camping in the Outback. Ok, meybe not, I've never seen his face, but I'll just betcha he's one of those rugged types!

I've just been expanding my reading list this past week and I've been fairly lucky. My blog stats have gone up thanks to italk2much which gave me a so-so review and called me a really bad name, but hey whatever, I've gotten more readers out of it. Hrrrrmmmmmm, guess this means I'll have to spruce things up a bit? Perhaps write about something with meaning? Ut oh, I'm in twubble now. SHIT FIRE I have to write about meaningful stuff, crap, crap crappity crap crap crap.

Ta ta for now, ciao, sayonara, goodbye my lovies. I shall endeavour to come back with something meaningful *sniff*.


mist1 said...

When you say that I'm trying to preserve my youth, are you saying that you can tell that I'm aging? Because, for the record, from several feet away, I look exactly the same as I did 10 years ago.

kitten said...

LOL mist1. Not at all, because from several feet away, I too look 10 years younger *grin*.

Mitch McDad said...

Thanks very much for the kind words.

And my mom is very proud that I'm becoming known for writing about vibrators.

Genilimaa said...

You already have the most meaningful crap here! Why else the returning visitors, eh?!

Thanks for the tips! I visited a couple and they had some good ones in their blogrolls as well...