Monday, February 12, 2007

Thoughts by T. Wanker...

Yesterday I was introduced to a new blog called Mormon Erotica by T. Wanker. I was laughing myself silly at his latest post. I enjoyed it so much so that I just had to comment and unbelievably, T. not only commented but made a special footnote just for moi! I was astounded!
Here was my reply to his post:

"kitten said...

I somehow got sent here by SML (sort of)...mostly by my hubby walking by my computer and clicking on the link SML had to YOUR blog ROFL. You shoulda heard what he said...never mind that, but my response was, "WTF?", and I promptly came over to the pc, started reading and giggling my ass off. Anywho, read your little blurb about yourself and happened to notice (don't ask how I know this) that the first quite a few books listed as your favs are BDSM, I do NOT want to know, seriously. LOL. My mind screams pervert and I think YAY!!!! What would we do without them?

February 11, 2007 2:44 AM"

And T's reply was this:

Kitten --

Meow!!! Welcome. For new commentors, I've decided to create their own special footnote on my footnote blog. I'm glad you are laughing, because that was my intention. As for my favoirte books, we all have our phases. I'm reading Norman Mailer right now. If you feel inclined to bestow the title of pervert upon me however, I would deem it an honor. I'm dying to know what your husband said . . .

T, my husband said, " Mormon Erotica? WTF???" So I just had to read the blog, or at least as much as I could given what time it was and that I had to get stuff ready for bed, hubby ready for work this morning, etc. I really do appreciate the link back to me and the comments. Which brought about this current post. Also, I love the picture of the greyhounds, thank you very much. It all got me to thinking this morning about a few things many of my blog friends don't know about me. So I'll start off with my name. It is Kimberley and my adult friends call me Kimmie. I grew up hating (for some unknown reason) the name Kimberley until I was in my last year of high school, until then all my friends and family called me Kim, the obvious exception being my dad who always called me Kimberley. So I switched to the longer version of my name and kept with it until a few years ago when friends who'd only known me as an adult started calling me Kimmie, except for my husband at the time who called me Kimberley, too.

When I met my current hubby a few years ago, I introduced myself as Kimmie and he and all the aussie pals call me Kimmie. Hubby's pet name for me is kitten, which is kind of odd because he thinks cats are evil creatures. Perhpas he thinks I'm an evil witch...wench? Who knows? LOL! And I'm an American living with my Aussie hubby in Australia, hence the Kitten Down Under.

I've always loved both dogs and cats and have always had both animals as pets both growing up and as an adult. I grew up with an assortment of mongrels, usually lab or shepherd mixes. I got Baron and Tasha (german shepherds) in '96. I have posted about them previously and why I left them back home with a friend (Baron) and my parents (Tasha).

I started becoming interested in greyhounds as a possible breed for me a long time ago when my ex-MIL looked into retired racers as a pet. Of course the idea sat on the back burner as I already had 2 dogs and 2 cats. Once cat passed away in '99 and the other went with my ex in the divorce.

When I moved here, C~ and I lived with his parents for a year until he finished uni (just a few months ago) and we moved into our own house. After I moved here I knew that I needed a dog to help with the homesickness and at times it became quite an obsession. C~ and I discussed the eventual possibilities of adoption and we decided on greyhounds because it fulfilled the need for a big dog that didn't always act like a big dog. Not to mention the lack of dirtiness and smell. Greyhounds are extremely clean, shed little, and have almost no odour at all. That is great considering that I was used to cleaning up after dogs that required daily vacuuming to rid the house of all the hair. Gladly I waited until we could find the right dog for us. Until then I kept up with the Queensland Greyhound Adoption Program to see who was available and needed homes. I also took C~ to visit them out at various functions they attended with their greyhounds. Luckily, C~ was pretty entranced with them when he first saw them at The EKKA last year. I was really amazed at how readily he seemed to accept my suggestions of a big dog since he's grown up with miniature poodles.

Now, he just loves Tiger and he and I are considering fostering more of them once Tiger (and we) are all settled into a nice routine.

I love the fact that they are so dignified, even though they can be just like any other puppy and bounce around, zoom around the yard, and toss toys until their hearts content. It was pretty cool finding out that we can trace Tiger's lineage back to the late 1700's in England when the breed was first interbred with bulldogs and we have the greyhounds as we now know them as a breed. There is a website devoted to the pedigrees that I'll have to link to later that shows lineages and some pictures. Ok, time to go have breakfast and T. Wanker, thanks for bringing all this up....I think *wink*.

PS Glad you like the moniker "pervert", seems that lots of men, C~ included, that don't mind it a bit. *grin*

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montchan said...

see? now you are firmly in the clutches of ex-mormons!!! How did that happen???